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7 Pest Control Marketing Ideas and Strategies To Implement for Immediate Business Growth in 2022

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Total revenue of pest management products exceeded $20.1 billion in 2020 and the global pest control service market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 4.5% from 2020 to 2027.

Now, that’s a lot of money being spent by consumers looking for pest control services, and pest control companies, like yours, need to have an impactful strategy in place to capture as much of your local or regional market share as possible.

Breaking Down The Most Powerful Pest Control Marketing Strategies That Pest Control Companies Can Implement For Immediate Results

We’re going to break down 7 pest control marketing ideas that you can immediately implement or have our team implement for you (we work with tons of pest control companies).

So How exactly do you grow your pest control business in today’s market landscape? Well, let’s dive into the pest control marketing strategies that WE implement and leverage to get local businesses in front of as many potential customers as possible.

Highly Effective Digital Marketing For Pest Control Businesses

Use these super-effective pest control marketing ideas to grow your pest control business and systematically get more potential customers on autopilot.

We’ve been implementing these digital marketing strategies for our customers for the past few years and have been generating leads super consistently and have helped close more than $3.14 million dollars in added revenue for our customers in the last 12 months (we know because we track every single lead).

Diving Into Marketing For Pest Control – The only Article You’ll Have to Read

So what exactly are these digital marketing strategies, you ask… well let’s dive right into this digital marketing breakdown for your pest control marketing efforts and share exactly how to consistently get more potential customers to find your business.

1. Build A Pest Control Website For Perpetual Free Leads

We live in a digital world. If you don’t have a website, we’d argue that you’re not a real business… it’s that important.

You need to get your business online to compete in today’s marketplace, this applies to virtually any local business you can think of, a pest control business, a flower shop, an auto body shop, upholstery shop… no matter what local business you run.. your potential clients are doing a google search every day for products and services.

No Business Just Wants A Website-They Want The Business A Website Can Produce

Now, to be clear, a website by itself is useless, unless it attracts you more customers. You, as a local pest control company, are (or should be) solely interested in the lead generation and pest control leads you can generate from your website.

Think of your website as your business’s digital front door. Making the door is only part of the equation…. now you have to get customers to come through that door through your targeted marketing efforts.

Every Pest Control Company Needs To Have A Website To Compete In Today’s MarketPlace

Your website is like your business’ home in the online space, all the top pest control companies in the world have a solid online presence and if you’re a pest control business in the post COVID era, then your pest control marketing strategies need to be more effective then ever.

The best part of building your own pest control website is that you have complete control over that asset. No social media sites can stop you or prevent you from engaging. You do not need to pay a third party to get new customers, once you’ve generated an organic lead, it becomes a traffic source you can control.

Your Marketing Strategy Should Include Constantly Creating Content To Increase Search Results

The more content you write, the more likely your business will be found.. The key is to make sure you write content around keyword research.

What is keyword research?

It’s figuring out what specific words your ideal customers tend to type into the search bar when they are looking for your products or services.

We take these keywords and write content around them, sort of like this very article 😎

Think Of Your Site As A “Sales Funnel” For Optimal Results

To top it off, if you add some sales funnel best practices and implement a few other digital marketing campaigns (we suggest below) into your advertising strategies and you’ll likely be generating consistent new customers every month.

So how exactly do you get your target audience to find your website? Through a process called Search Engine Optimization… which leads us to number 2

2. Search Engine Optimization Specifically for The Pest Control Related Keywords and Queries

SEO is at the core of our most powerful pest control marketing strategies for good reason. It’s the one strategy the keeps on “Paying” once your pest control business is on the first page of Google, right on top of the search results.

It’s no easy feat, but once you’re on the top of the search engines, you can expect consistent perpetual calls, leads, and customers for your pest control company.

How Would Business Change If You Had FREE Perpetual Traffic Every Month?

Seriously, SEO Search Engine Optimization is a game-changer for pest control businesses because it offers you a way to put in some upfront work, onetime, and it continues to pay offer in the form of traffic and leads for your business, month after month, year after year.

Be The First To Be Found When Potential Customers Are Looking For Your Products or Services

So how would your business change if you were being found every day for keywords like:

“Pest Control Near Me”

“Pest Control Santa Barbara” (or your city of course)

“Exterminator Goleta”

Include Important NAP Information On Your Site

To get your pest control business to show up on mobile devices when potential customers search for you, it’s important to have your contact information on your website.

We always optimize NAP (Name, Address, Phone) information so it’s consistent everywhere.

Blog Post Help Increase your online exposure too

A blog page that is ranking on the first page of Google, for an important keyword (what we refer to as Money Keywords). Include easy-to-understand infographics or information for your prospective customers to consume and simply try to provide value.

3. Setup and Optimize Your FREE Pest Control Business GMB (Google My Business) Listing

Ever wondered how to get your business to show up on that little local market listing when people search for your specific product or service on Google?

Well that all happens when you optimize your GMB Listing. We’d argue that EVERY pest control company needs to have a fully optimized GMB to have their business be included in the local listings.

Ranking on the Local Map Pack

Also known as the Local Map Pack, this search result is 100% derived from your Google My Business listing and should be at the core of your online reputation marketing strategy. It’s literally the secret to free online advertising for pest control websites.

When properly optimized, your GMB Listing includes important meta-information and actionable data including your business hours, your contact information, any positive reviews you’ve generated.

Positive Review Are Super Important

This data is then shared with Google and this is how your business shows up on the Local Pack, (AKA the Map Pack, The Local Listing, The Snack Pack, the “Near Me” results). Getting first-page rankings isn’t quite that easy… this is really just the beginning to getting your pest control business online presence up to par.

These are all important factors your potential customer will surely be looking at when assessing whether to call you or your competitor.

4. Improve Your Local SEO and Gain More Business Through Automated Review Generation

Combining Strategies 1-3 are at the root of Local SEO and maximizing your chances of showing up on top of the Google search results for virtually any local niche.

But we’re missing 1 crucial factor, and it’s the secret to showing up on the local pack and generating FREE perpetual leads every single month.

Setup Your Marketing To Generate Reviews On Autopilot

You need to generate consistent reviews. It’s so important what we bake it right into our client digital marketing systems. We generate more online reviews on autopilot by texting and emailing past customers who were happy with our customer’s product or service automatically.

If you’re not generating online reviews automatically or at least of a review generation plan in your online marketing efforts then your literally leaving thousands of dollar on the table. The best part is this can EASILY be resolved in just a few minutes. You’ll be getting new customers in no time.

Now that we took a deeper dive into the “FREE” methods of lead generation, let’s dive into some of the fun Direct response side of the equation… ie. PPC ads

5. Highly Effective Pay Per Click Advertising with Google Ads For the Pest Control Industry

We have to mention PPC Marketing when talking about pest control marketing. Why? Because Google Ads are so highly effective.

Think of Google Ads, A.K.A. PPC Marketing, as a faucet of traffic that you can turn on or off at will. What would this do to your pest control marketing efforts?

Like a Traffic Faucet You Can Turn On and Off with A Click of a Button

You turn it on, and the traffic immediately shows up… the phone starts to ring.. and if you’re good at what you do… then the sales come rolling in right after, if your marketing efforts are optimized towards Direct response marketing.

Full Transparency, These Require A Different Set of Skills

To be clear, this is a whole different animal than SEO and requires an entirely different set of marketing skills.. but it can be learned … or you can just schedule a 1-on-1 Leadflow Strategy Session and we can take care of it all for you

That’s why pest control marketing plans should always budget something towards your Pay per click advertising efforts.

Pay Per Click is just one of those no-brainer pest control marketing ideas that just work. The key is to have the right team setting up your campaign or teaching you the ropes.

Social Media Marketing Is A Must

Social marketing is a huge part of our society and is in virtually all of our lives here in the US. The first thing you want to do is lock in your social accounts and optimize them.

Guru Note: Optimize Your Profile is just a fancy word for “fill out your profile thoroughly”… that’s it just fill in many blanks as you possibly can within your company profile and you’ve (for the most part) Optimized your business social profile.

Why do You Need to Setup your social media profiles?

The short answer is, to establish a “home base” on each channel. All these channels will point back to your website and your website will convert prospects to leads.

6. Which Social Media Pages You Should Setup First

We focus on the Big Fish:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Linkedin
  • Youtube(Optional if you’re going to be using video to grow your business)

There are tons of accounts you can create but, honestly, we focus on these Main 4 aside from setting up your Google My Business listing.

Make sure when you set up your dedicated business pages, you fill everything out and upload the main banner image and an avatar logo when needed.

7. Paid Social Marketing Strategy (FB, IG)

When it comes to social media marketing, we’re talking mainly about Facebook Ads and Instagram ads here. Why? Because it covers the large majority of your target audience and, according to the latest studies, it takes an average of 8 touches to get an initial conversation with a new prospective customer.

We Take The Multi-Channel Approach to Digital Marketing

That’s why we suggest you think of your marketing efforts as multi-channel efforts, including Facebook ads.

Our Favorite pest control digital marketing strategies, as you can see from this article, are SEO, PPC, FB/IG ads topped off with a solid remarketing campaign on all paid channels via banner ads or search remarketing campaigns.

If you want to go crazy, throw in some video remarketing and double-dip those video assets into a separate Youtube Campaign (yet another marketing channel to leverage) and you’ve got yourself a winning combination for crushing it marketing for customers.

8. Set Up Referral Marketing Relationships with Complimentary Businesses (that don’t directly compete)

This is one of the few offline strategies we implement but it’s absolutely worth putting in the effort and creating these mutually beneficial relationships amongst parallel business niches within your community.

An easy shortlist is to start:

  • real Estate Brokers
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Construction Companies
  • Property Managers

In Summary, There Are Plenty of Ways To Market Your Pest Control Business

We just broke down 8 unique ways to gain traction and start generating more consistent leads for your business. Each one of these strategies individually is powerful. But when you combine them … talk about LOCAL DOMINATION…

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