Pay-Per-Click Management

Our strategies are designed to convert! We’ve been around the block and take the data-driven approach to Pay-Per-Click. We construct highly effective campaigns based on what’s working now.

Our goal is to Increase your leads, sales and conversions immediately with our multi-channel paid search strategies & management

What We Work With:

Why Use Pay-Per-Click?

Pay-per-click is the fastest online marketing method to attract highly targeted visitors online. You pay only for the clicks your visitors make, so your Advertising ROI is higher with our PPC campaigns. There are tons of other reasons why you should use PPC.

Faster Positioning

We target people who are looking for your exact products and services at the time they need you most. A different channel than what social media marketing provides. Direct response marketing is designed to generate leads faster.

Track & Measure Results

With pay-per-click, you can know how your campaigns are performing daily, how much impact they’re having, and how many sales are generating. This is a crucial feature of PPC because it will allow you to make adjustments when needed.

Achieve your Goals

Pay-per-click allows you to target your prospective clients and make them aware of your brand or service. Whether you're simply trying to get more local exposure or you actively want to run a promotion, PPC will help you reach your business growth goals.

The Ranking SB Difference

We love marketing…seriously.. we eat, breath, sleep it. Here are Ranking SB, we all love what we do and we’re really freaking good at it. We’ll research and build a highly customized campaign for your business.

We even setup call tracking to measure your inbound metrics and make sure your business is running like a fine-tuned machine. This is not only for PPC campaigns but also for other campaigns as well (Facebook/email). This way, our clients are allowed to follow up on potential leads better and allow us to make even better optimizations.